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Simple Image Tools is a suite of easy-to-use graphic applications that allow you to optimize and adjust your images in various ways. Each product in the suite performs only one task, and performs it well. Every product, except Image Scan, comes in 2 versions: a graphical user interface (GUI) version that presents a user-friendly interface to perform your tasks, and a command-line version that allows you to run your processes non-interactively e.g. processing images in batches on a scheduled basis. Image Sort If you have ever had the need to sort a bunch of image files based on its file attributes, or Exif attributes, then Image Sort is the tool for you. E.g. say you have thousands of photos in one or more folders, and you want to sort the photos so that each file is sorted into a folder named after the month and year the photo was taken. Image Sort can do this easily in a flash. You can even sort by Exif attributes, like the camera model, make, and even by the width and size of the images. Image Convert Image Convert helps you convert your images to any of the supported formats (bmp, gif, jpg, png, tiff). In addition, Image Convert also allows you to perform various adjustments to your images e.g. convert your color images to black and white or grayscale, adjust the color depth, select the compression level for png images, quality level for jpeg images and more. Image Encrypt Image Encrypt encrypts your images using passwords. Encrypted images appear garbled on any other image viewer. Only other users using Image Encrypt and who know the password will be able to decrypt and view the original images. Image Exif Remover Image Exif Remover helps you remove Exif and IPTC data from your images. Digital cameras embed a lot of information into each image that it stores e.g. date and time the image was taken, camera make and model, GPS location information (if your camera supports that function) and much more. At times, you may not want to share those information. Exif Image Remover conveniently helps you remove those embedded information. Image Orientate Image Orientate helps you orientate your photos using the accompanying Exif orientation tag. Some digital cameras do not automatically orientate your photos, but do store an orientation tag in the photo. Image Orientate uses this tag to orientate your photos using lossless Jpeg transformations, hence preserving the quality of your original photos. Image Resize Image Resize helps you resize your images to your needs. You can enlarge of reduce the size of images, by a fixed percentage, or to specific height/width. You can choose among 13 filters to use during the resizing process, to ensure that the quality of the resized images meet your needs. Image Scan Regular scanning applications require you to scan each page individually, and save them manually. Image Scan helps you scan multi-page documents easily using visual and audio cues, saves them to disk automatically using a preset naming convention, and even allows you to generate multi-page PDF and TIFF documents from the scanned images easily. Image Secret Image Secret helps you hide text or a file in your images. When the image is viewed using other image viewer, nothing extra is seen, and the image appears normal. Only other users using Image Secret are able to extract the hidden text or file. You can also encrypt the hidden text or file, so only users who know the password are able to extract the hidden contents. Image Watermark Image Watermark lets you add text or image watermarks to your images. You can add watermarks in various fonts and styles, and in various positions. You can also use the Exif timestamp tag as your watermark.

Systems: Windows 7, WinNT 4.0, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows2003, Windows 7 x64

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